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Our proven approach includes:


  • Maitri Marketing is a well-established brokerage that has been servicing the Pacific Northwest since 2008. Specializing in skin care, supplements, and a small selection of mercantile, we represent a select number of lines to ensure we maintain our commitment to delivering the highest level of customer service to our vendors and retail partners.

  • Our team consists of seasoned, highly capable Sales Specialists, many who have been in the industry for 15+ years.

  • We partner primarily with direct, family-owned manufacturers who are passionate about their product and seek quality representation. Working together, we leverage the right tools, programs, and education to grow our brands. We’re drawn to those who have strong relationships with their not-for-profit partners, and are giving back to help people and organizations in need.

  • Relationships are paramount!  Our high level of customer service extends to every aspect of the industry, to include not only the manufacturers we represent, but also our retail partners, vendors, and fellow brokers.  Our long-standing relationships are a testament to this.


References available upon request.

Maitri Marketing is a proud member of Provender Alliance, a 40-year-old non profit organization that supports the Natural Foods Trade with an annual educational conference and other opportunities for education and networking throughout the year.

Members consist of manufacturers, retailers, brokers, distributors and others who bring their important voices to the table. Provender supports members with the sharing of ideas, educating on hot topics and good sustainable business practices in order to ensure a strong and vibrant natural foods trade. 


Please check out the Provender Alliance website for more information!   

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