Working with Maitri: Retailer & Vendor Feedback

“Robin and the Maitri team have been managing our PNW business for years and do an incredible job. With their extensive and personal relationships with retailers, ability to execute promos on shelf, keep our sets tight and continue to grow our brand in the diversified retail market of their territory, we at All Good are extremely happy. They are one of the few brokerages that is like family to us."

-Ryan Rich, co-owner, VP Sales & Marketing, All Good

"Maitri Marketing provides support for many of our top selling body care and mercantile product lines. The kind of support and attention that I've grown to count on from Maitri (and specifically Shanon Herzer) goes above and beyond anything I've ever experienced in my long career in the natural products industry.   Shanon has raised the bar for what I've grown to expect from industry reps.  Not only does Shanon demonstrate absolute integrity,  but she is a delight to work with.  She takes my every concern seriously while remaining loyal to her brands.  Shanon provides outstanding customer service not only to me, but to our customers on the floor here at Central Coop.  I'm constantly learning from Shanon, as she is a wealth of knowledge about products, manufacturing, ingredients and sourcing.  She listens to my feedback about packaging and cost. 


The service and time that Shanon gives me with merchandising and ordering has enabled me to grow the sales in my department. I couldn't do it without her!  My wellness department is the best it's ever been and I know this is due in part to the hard work, experience and knowledge of Shanon and the folks at Maitri. 


Thank you for all that you do for me.  I'm serious. You're the best." 

-Heather Elliott, Body Care and Mercantile Buyer, Central Co-op

"I so love having Tia as our rep here at Vashon Thriftway.  I find her to be extremely knowledgeable about all the products she represents, which in turn helps me to learn about what I am selling.  She also has a wonderful enthusiasm about her job, and is a very upbeat person.  Anytime I have had a question she is very prompt in getting back to me with an answer.  I know I can count count on her, always.  Like I said before,  I love working with Tia"

- Leslie, Vashon Thriftway

"We always look forward to working with Dooley when she stops by. She is very upbeat and positive. She seems to know the products well and has an eye for what would be a good fit for our store. Always interested in our families. Always prompt with emails and returning phone calls. Willing to help wherever needed."

-Tina, Market Of Choice, Willakenzie

"Maitri does a fabulous job identifying lines which offer high-quality personal care products, and also hold a higher purpose. Many of the brands Maitri works with are actively contributing to improved conditions for workers, community members, and the environment all around the world. 

Shanon has a knack for recognizing which among many the fantastic brands Maitri represents are likely to be a good fit for the Olympia Food Co-op, and does a wonderful job conveying why a brand would be a good fit for us without ever giving a "hard sell." She is very responsive and communicates with warmth and consideration. Shanon and I recently did a reset on one of my personal favorite brands. We identified products that could be removed from the set and which exciting new items were most likely to be well-received. Through this process, she masterfully held the balance of respecting the experience and knowledge I have with the line and the Co-op's customer base, while offering supportive advice and helpful information about products I haven't carried before.

With respect and gratitude,


- Olivia, Olympia Food Co-Op

"Dooley has helped me and my store a lot! She is very knowledgeable about products and brands and always responds quickly whenever I email her.  She has helped me understand things on numerous occasions and she helps fix any problems and mistakes that arise. She is a pleasure to work with and we are always super happy to see her in the store!"

-Clayton, First Alternative Co-Op

"My favorite vendor rep to work with is Emily Carlson! She has an excellent understanding of our needs as a individual small independent store. She works hard to get us the best deals possible despite the small size of our buying power. Emily is fantastic whenever there is an issue with product, delivery or pricing. She is prompt with the request for help and diligent in her follow through to ensure the issue was correctly addressed. Our staff always enjoys her visits as she is not only an incredible information source who keeps our store mission in mind whenever suggesting new products or deals but also her charming personality makes each visit a joyful experience." 

-Nissa Clark, Supplements Manager, Real Food Market and Deli

"We feel fortunate to have Maitri representing GoodLight in the Pacific Northwest. The prompt attention and responsiveness we have received has exceeded our expectations as they have grown our brand month after month, year after year. On top of that, each person on the Maitri team has been a pleasure to work with from day one, making our experience working with them not just profitable, but fun and enjoyable."

-David Callicott, Co-Founder, GoodLight Natural Candles

"I couldn't ask for a more dedicated and well trained rep. [Alicia] Goes beyond her duties to make sure all is taken care of!!! I appreciate working with Alicia She is a true asset to the team!!!!"

-Haggen Variety Manager

"I find myself saying "Emily is the best" or "Emily is my favorite" most of the days I'm at work.  She's fast, consistent, friendly, a dream to work with! All of my coworkers know this to be true, and we all respect Emily's judgement and advice. She's taken the time to understand my store and its mission, making our meetings truly productive. The brands represented by Maitri are a cut above the rest, I know I can trust anything Emily pitches to me."

 -Emma Wieland, Assistant Supplements Manager/Buyer, Real Food Market & Deli

"Working with Dooley is an absolute pleasure.  She is one of the few reps I have contact with that actually performs above and beyond at all times!  She always has exciting new items to talk about and share, and is a wealth of knowledge on all the products she represents.  She makes my job easier, and my customers happier by always answering emails or phone calls, whether I need to ask a question or place an order. Last but certainly not least, she always has an infectious smile and upbeat, pleasing personality.  It is a good day at work when Dooley calls or comes in!"

 -Lori Phillips, Whole Health Manager, Market of Choice, Ashland 

"Shanon Herzer with Maitri Marketing brings enthusiasm and an excellent grasp of the technical benefits of the products she shows us.  We're very pleased that we'll be seeing her more regularly!"
-Cecilia Parker, Buyer, The Herbalist

"Dooley is such a gem! She has been available to our team members for education and also merchandising assistance. Dooley offers solid knowledge of a variety of products,  when she comes in to our store she leaves us filled with a great understanding of product lines. Her bright heart and enthusiasm are always such a warm welcome. Thanks for all you do Dooley!”

-Hollie Manaska, Whole Body Specialist, Whole Foods Market Eugene