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With a team of seasoned sales specialists and a culture of impeccable customer service, Maitri Marketing is committed to growth. We not only want to build and grow strong brands, but strong business partners as well!

Our Brokerage

At Maitri Marketing we have a passion for natural products - we love using them, supporting them, and making our living selling them! We even love stocking shelves with them! And as one of the largest and most seasoned natural products brokerages in the Pacific Northwest, that's a lot of product!



Our Partners

Relationships are paramount! Our high level of customer service extends to every aspect of the industry, to include not only the manufacturers we represent, but also our retail partners, vendors and fellow brokers. Our long-standing relationships are a testament to this. 



Our Team

We are a team of seasoned, passionate, professional Sales Specialists, many who have been in the industry for 15+ years. 


Our Commitment

We’re drawn to those who have strong relationships with their not-for-profit partners and are giving back to help people and organizations in need. 

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